GitLab Runner on Uberspace

23.09.2017: Updated instructions for 10.0.x release of GitLab Runner. This post describes how to setup gitlab-runner on an Uberspace using the shell executor. Download gitlab-runner-linux-amd64 Download the Runner binary into the ~/bin directory and make it executable: $ mkdir ~/bin $ cd ~/bin $ wget $ chmod +x gitlab-runner-linux-amd64 Create a working directory for the Runner: $ mkdir ~/gitlab-ci Get configuration details for the Runner In your GitLab project navigate to Settings > CI/CD Pipelines....

June 15, 2017

git: set new origin

In case the URL of your remote git repository has changed, update your local repository as follows: git remote set-url origin git@server:path/to/repository.git

October 1, 2014

git: add manually removed files to index

If you ever manually remove files from a git repository you have to tell git they have been removed and add the files to the index to commit the changes afterwards: for FILE in $(git ls-files --deleted);do git rm $FILE;done

February 24, 2014